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    This is a unique and safe creation that is very similar to nightmares. The purpose of this creation is to be a Steve that can ride you through any field and area in the astral safely as well as provide physical protection in real life. They are noble and prideful beings who will not hesitate to defend their keeper from whatever tries to hurt them whether it be emotional physical or psychological abuse.  The energy  I used to create these unique beings and the way that they are created is completely unique to me and to bloody Skies of fate. They are similar to the energy of a hellhound and the wild hunt mixed and imbued with energy from lava demons and nightmare foals with the loyalty and energy of underworld dragons. The purpose of these beings is to provide a safe riding companion for their keeper but we'll go at extreme lengths to protect their keeper and other companions.


    They can use illusion magic and can change into whatever form they wish each one has their own unique true form that they choose to look like these beings also are capable of using illusion magic to grow such appendages such as tentacles or extra hands whatever is needed to protect you they will utilize. They also specialize in death and corrosive magic as well as the fire element with a bit of an earthy and musky grave dirt smell it accompanies them wherever they go this alone lets you know that the being you have is from bloody Skies of Fate because ours are the only beings that have these unique traits an energy markings are created to ensure that  being you have is from a specifically this is usually a rune or Insignia that does not harm the bean but is placed kind of similar to the My Little Ponies cutie mark on the hide of each hellfire. Furthermore,  whenever they are born we place a gemstone into their forehead that gives them extra attributes and enhances the link between their keeper and them just creates a telepathic Bond so that way you can feel as close to your companion as possible they will be able to read your emotions and sense if you are under extreme duress even if you yourself do not yet know it. This can also be utilized to awaken any gifts you have.