These Beauties are often used for transportation by riders who collect Souls as well as they can cause nightmares when they are full grown. They've been referred to over the centuries as nightmares Hell Riders and many other names. They are beautiful Colts with a black body a flaming mane and tails fiery red eyes and flaming nostrils.. they are great protection and lovely companions. When full trained these beings are typically great and have innate abilities at causing nightmares and people who are enemies. They have the innate ability of intimidation and scaring someone they're often use as an omen of death and ridets due to their extreme amounts of speed and their Flame they are capable of pyromancy and pyrokinesis. It would be advantageous if you could have them trained. They're extremely skilled and like to learn more about the dark arts from companions. For the keepers they can be wild and a bit harder to tame. They are beautiful and amazing beings typically run the realms free n Wild. As young they often love to be cuddled and enjoy lots of attention. They can be very sweet and often need more attention than typical companions do they often enjoy washing those of the dark arts in with similar abilities so they can learn to the best and master their abilities.

Infernal Colts


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