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Into the Depth Ritual: $75 This particular ritual helps you see far beyond the depths of your higher self and your astrals into your very soul. This is a place where you can simply touch the fabric of the universe and seek out Divine guidance and learn of your fate. The knowledge will come to you in a variation of Dreams, visions intuitive feelings and glimpses into Beyond the Veil. The specific place of your souls origination. This particular ritual takes time to gain its power it is done on the lunar cycles of the full moon and again under the new moon this is an ancient and Primal energy the every living being has access to it just takes time in order to gain set access. If you are not following the right path this will surely show you the proper path and how to take it. This is going to be very surreal and an abstract like experience everyone is different so what you experienced at the heart of your soul and the origin story of your soul and the ancestral and parental Guidance of the Divine that is the essence of Who You Are will be different from one person to the next it is not unlikely to be able to find siblings and understand why you think the way you do with this ritual it offers higher forms of enlightenment an understanding of the unknown. At the end of this ritual and your journey using said virtual you will be presented with a key the key is a gift from the being that you met along your journey that gave you the visions an intuitive feelings and this will be to the realm that is rightful for your soul there you might find family that you never thought you'd see again lovers childhood friends and much more.

Into the Depth Ritual

$75.00 Regular Price
$48.75Sale Price