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Soul: Loving but has a dark side Purpose: to help find your roots awaken dormant gifts and enhance any spells bsof does on you as well as is blessed by the Orishas and Persphone is a witch doctor and healer who is in touch with nature the great spirit and all that ancestral magica encompass Name: Ir Type: BNV Species: MLP Gender: Female Sexual orientation: straight Sexual towards keeper: if wanted Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: green and yellow orange Arts: white Age: 8647 Food: vegan Gifts: • Ancestral magic • Tracing ancestral roots • Island Folk Magic • Hoodoo • Voodoo • Strega • Ancient lineage magic • Divination • Garden magic • Medicine making • Healing • Energy dances • Vanquishing the past and merging the bodies lives and all one soul entails. Offerings: cuddling and green island style candles or smells Personality: charming empathic sweet kind honest wise loving helpful considerate passionate trustworthy courageous brave and loyal Random information: she is friendly and an ally to those she trusts Hobbies: wandering exploring hiking swinming gathering intell anf ingredients Communication: telepathy Song Resonance: Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne


Disclaimer: I do not own the art for this listing and all credits go to the original artist and its not being sold in anyway.