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Name:  Iris
Entity or spirit: entity
Species: nature witch
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight
Sexual towards keeper: only if keeper wants
Can being get pregnant: no
Aura colors: green and brown
Aura shape: it looks like the tree of life around her
Arts: nature, neutal
Age: 21456
Food: she is a vegetarian 
Natures healing
Purifying land
Purifying water
Neutralize negative energy
Healing animals
Healing spirits
Energy purge (this works for the astral keep it cleanses the negative energy)
Water scrying 
Natures runes (this is a old spell that allows her to hear stories from everything in nature)
Offerings: a earthy smelling inscence or candle
Personality: she is calm and very motherly
Random information: she loves to be outside or around her keeper and she even loves winter
Hobbies: healing things and learning about her keeper
Communication: what ever is easiest for her keeper
Song Resonance: Gaelic woman nature calls


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