These cute and fantastic creatures come from the land called Pom Magna . They are severely lucky beings and bring their Keepers good luck Prosperity wealth abundance good business success at work or in the job place as well as all the way around life. That's just by keeping one of them if you have one and it is constantly happy and receiving cuddles and gifts and treats as well as offerings they it is said that your luck and prosperity in life will increase 20 fold. They like shiny presents treats like a cat would eat offerings of fruit Peach Bourbon candles and vanilla incense to where it smells like a peach cobbler this is the epitome of a perfect environment for them to work it in for their keeper they love cuddles playing tricks and jokes on you and your companions and usually they tend to come and mated pairs unless they are young enough that they have yet not reached maturity. these beings live around 3,000 years and then when they pass on that are capable of having a keeper and becoming a good luck charm to their keepers. They manifest as a short and squat Foxx was a cat or bunny like no with curly markings and birthmarks along their fur and a long tail and are usually Peach to White in coloration

ishiadl luck fox

  • This being is a white arts custom spirit binding. 

  • This being is a white arts custom conjure. This means they are defensless and are typically only using their gifts for good things and selflessness. 

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