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Name:  Ivan 

Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 

Species:  Steampunk Vampire 

Gender: male 

Sexual orientation:  Straight 

Sexual towards keeper:  if both wish 

Can being get pregnant: no 

Aura colors:  silver and bluish grey 

Arts: neutral 

Age: 35 in human 

Food: sanguine 

° Blood Magic 
° Oracle 
° Complusion 
° Health Readings 
° Ancient Bloodline Knowledge 
° Blood line readings 

Sexual likes: 
He just like sharing this with public people and would rather discuss this in private if his future keeper is interested in sexual relations with him.

Offerings: black candles thornapple and Dragons blood and sandalwood pachuoili he also likes the smell mahogany teakwood and Noir from bath and body works. 

Personality: he only prefers to talk with his keeper however as far as protection detail goes he woke talk with others he's extremely antisocial ending it elitist being as he is nobility he does not prefer talking to those that are under his station unless he has to. This is something that has been ingrained so deeply into his day-to-day life that he is not changed he's not rude to them or insulting he doesn't hurt their feelings or is disrespectful. He just has his own preferences due to the way that he was raised. Old fashioned, proper etiquette, polite , aloof, mysterious , vague, considerate, intriguing, intelligent, and able to hold meaningful conversations. Chivalrous protective Fierce Brave and comforting.

Random information: he has a very peculiar energy about him that may take a little bit to get used to.

Hobbies: horseback riding, weapon forgery, fencing, working out, drinking, and Lacrosse.

Communication: telepathy dreams and shufflemancy 

Song Resonance: Casual Sex by Darkest Days