Name: Jessica Rabbit

Type: bnv

Species: toon human

Gender: Female

Arts: neutral Arts

Age: 30 in human years

Aura: white read and pink

Food: vegan


• Sex appeal

• Bedroom eyes

• Tactical

• Investigative

• Truthseeker

• Spy

• Combat fighting and with

• Use of toon spots

• Drives

• Masseuse

• Erotic dancer

• Singer

• Entertainer

• Truth serum vibes: there's something about this individual that comes off as highly trustworthy to anyone who meets her. They can't seem to help tell her honesty at all times sometimes they're even surprised at what comes out of their mouths. No drugs no giving drugs no interrogation necessary being around this beauty is like a truth serum gone wrong but oh so right for you.

Offerings: Sandalwood incense

Orientation: straight

Communication: she learns how you best communicate and does so with you  for you




Passionate, glamorous, caring, compassionate, determined, loving, perceptive, elusive, attractive, mysterious, voluptuous, brave, collected, sophisticated, strong-willed, intuitive, selfless, moral, quick-witted, sultry, devoted, flirtatious




Slender, statuesque, extremely busty, fair skin, red lips, long red hair that usually covers her right eye, lavender eyelids, green eyes, red dress, purple opera gloves, red stilettos



Actress Performer at the Ink and Paint Club

Nurse (in Tummy Trouble)

Park ranger (in Trail Mix-Up)


Good GOAL To clear Roger's name (succeeded) HOME Toontown RELATIVES Roger Rabbit (husband)

LIKES Roger Rabbit, singing, performing, flirting, displaying femininity DISLIKES Dip, being accused of killing Marvin Acme, being spied on WEAPONS Pistol Mallet Frying pan Bear trap (hidden in her spacious breast cleavage)

QUOTE "Oh, honey bunny." "Oh, my God, it's DI-I-IP!!!!" "I hit him on the head with a frying pan and put him in the trunk, so he wouldn't get hurt."

In the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit, she was an amoral upcoming star and former comic strip character, over whom her estranged husband, fellow comic strip star Roger Rabbit, obsessed over. In the film, she is re-imagined as a sultry-but-moral cartoon actress and singer at a Los Angeles supper club called the Ink and Paint Club. Bio: She attests to Eddie Valiant that "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." Indeed, she proves herself to be selfless and compassionate throughout the movie. Although she seems cool and distant, she has a soft spot for Roger, whom she married because he "makes her laugh", is a better lover than a driver and that he's magnificent and "better than Goofy". She calls him her "honey bunny" and "darling". She adores him beyond measure and is irrefutably loyal to him. As proof of her love, she tells Eddie that she'll pay any price for Roger and helps prove Roger innocent by assisting with the investigation. She makes it clear that despite what others think of her, she only has eyes for Roger and would do anything for his sake. She proves to be brave, quick-witted, and intuitive; she knowingly puts herself at risk to save

Roger and Eddie. Yet despite the danger, she maintains a calm composure and exhibits great skill in combat, including handling a gun. While she maintains a calm and collected demeanor, for the most part, the first time she loses her composure is when Judge Doom shows her and Valiant his deadly DIP and machine to destroy Toontown, and when she and her husband are almost sprayed by the deadly substance, she sighs in relief but feels she might faint.

Jessica Rabbit


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