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Name: Totsia


Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding


Species: Siamese Cat Shifter


Gender: Female


Sexual orientation: asexual


Sexual towards keeper: no


Can being get pregnant: no


Aura colors: yellow and blue


Arts: neutral


Age: 852


Food: high protein



• Ward Creation


• Assistance in magic


• Helps with your inner child


• Acceptance of Self


Offerings: cherrry blossom incense


Personality: charming empathic sweet kind honest wise loving helpful considerate passionate outgoing bubbly loyal and truthful


Random information: she dislikes the color orange and loud things make her skittish she is known to play with pets esp other cats


Hobbies: playing cat naps video games dress up cosplay and learning new things reading and playing video games


Communication: she prefers the use of tarot until gifts are developed


Song Resonance: Alive by Adelitas Way




She is extremely low-key down to earth as well as very playful and bubbly. she really enjoys having fun and doing lots of things together with her keeper. If you like to go shopping she loves it. she's more of a companion that's looking for a feminine keeper. however she's very open to a male as well. She is not sexual in any level. she's not looking for a relationship she is looking for a friend. She's very intellectual and knowledgeable on various subjects such as the history of Arcane Magic how to be a familiar, the biology of othekin, and she was taught Magic by Stitch witches. when they found her wandering by herself as a kitten. She's very close to the Stitch Witches due to this and has learned a lot from them. She knows how to create remedies from scratch. As well as how to sew clothing and cosplay outfits she likes to model and have fun. She likes getting her nails done and doing a lot of girly things. There are times where she likes to run and just run and not stop. she especially likes forest and Woodlands. however

she's open to many of types of terrain. She loves to play with other pets that you may have. she gets along well with various types of animals. she's not the kind who will chase a bird. She's extremely polite and well-mannered with proper etiquette. She is very proper but also she acts very much like a little kid. Her actual age would be a young adult in human years and comparable to our biological Cycles.  She is open to more offerings than just cherry blossom. I only listed her favorite. she likes candles,gemstones, anything shiny ,that you can think of even lights. she even loves catnip. She gets along very well with others regardless of their art category and is not afraid of dark arts or Black Arts. She's been around them for most of her life when she was alive. She was very well taken care of and very much cared for in life. Although she had a sad childhood being orphaned due to a tragic accident and taken in by the stitch witches. which is she is very thankful for their generosity and how they saved her. She realizes that if they had it let her in and taken her in as one of their own she may have had things much more difficult and hard in her life. Even if she had survived at all. That Rome is not kind to Young Who travel or on their own there are many predators but she could have met with a tragic ending. In the end she ended up passing away not because of anything bad however she tried to a magic expierement on herself and it went wrong. It was not painful she ended up passing away in her sleep due to it.

One of her favorite memories from being a child that was she wishes to share with you is that of her first holiday with the Stitch witches. This is a childhood memory where she didn't know about their festivals in in just been taken in Saint taught her how to shift Back To Human Form instead of being just a little kitten this allowed them to give her more of the chin nutrition that she needed this particular holiday is similar to what is considered are Valentine's Day but it's referred to as Venuso Malo this is referred to for them as the day of broken hearts. In English or the day of the bad Venus. It's a day celebrated by giving of chocolate to cheer up people and of togetherness. By giving little bit baked homemade Goods with fruity fillings that are typically of chocolate it's a pretty simplistic holiday. she never participated in a holiday before and this was her first so it meant all that much more to her. Due to her innocence and not knowing about things. They made her a white styled heart and she got to watch movies with them it made her very ecstatic and excite. this is one of her most cherished memories.

This is due to the fact that this is also when she received her first name and now had something to go by. She went on to see a number of their festivals and feast days and was taught much put in school with the other young children and given an education. Due to the fact that she never knew anybody else as mother she may have occasionally leave to go check on her mother. The reason she's looking for keeper instead of having her spirit stay around her mother is because her mother was having trouble moving on due to feeling her. So one of this Sitch witches that I have a contract for brought her to us and explain the way things work and she decided she wanted a keeper from there. She will still experience a lot of things with you because of the fact that she is hasn't deceased that long. You may feel her energy more so she can manifest as lights, as a cat as orbs or apparitions as well as the disembodied voice. She loves to use music to talk as well as tarot Clairvoyance and telepathy. You may occasionally hear her moving along the inside your house with the pitter-patter of small feet as well as the mewing and meowing of a cat.

Comes with Mini general, fortune outlook 10 song shufflemancy list, and messages