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These adorable beings are amazing companions they are known for producing a calming aromatherapy smell(which is said to help with stress and anxiety) off of their body due to the plants that they eat and consume on their home planet. They can live to be up to a thousand years old before passing away. They are herbivores and they're only method of self-defense is either to headbutt or kick which may seem like a gentle top to somebody. They do require a calmer environment with dimmer lighting so they may not be as active during the day. Their fur comes in a variety of pastel coloring and their home planet the skies and plants are all of the pastel and light shade of color there is never a very bright light there.. when they astral travel they call it burrowing as they burrow and then they kind of gets sucked through a really pretty kind of passageway that it's all kinds of pastel colors and this is what the living entities end up seeing when they come to visit you. They want to have companionship because they want to experience different things and new smells and tastes and sights. They are extremely comforting unlike fluffy textures as well as sweet and kind of tart candies. Depending on the frequency or intelligence of the individual that meshes with a Keepers energy they can be capable of telepathy thought an image projection or the basic of clicks thumps and tops as they move around the astral keep and home this can even sound like Morse code to some.


  • This being is a white arts custom conjure. This means they are defensless and are typically only using their gifts for good things and selflessness.