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Name: Katerine
Entity or Spirit: spirit 
Species: Mirror Shade 
Gender: female 
Arts: moonlight
Age: 3560
Aura: black and silver
Food: negative energy throughout your Sacred Space and home
Gifts: merging and using transformation energies to her Keepers highest benefit. Cloaking
Offerings: black or red rose petals or red wine or French lavender incense
Orientation: bisexual
Personality: a sassy and sophisticated lady who has a very flamboyant and French personality she is very unique and very talkative once you get to know her she is very well-mannered and from polite Society
Communication: anyway you desire 
Song Resonance: I like it By Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin 
Born in early colonial days in New Orleans her family ended up moving to Tennessee to seek a better start and place to live there originally moved here as immigrants from France. Once in New Orleans she lived in the French Quarter until she was 12 years old when her family moved. Her family fell on extremely hard times and lost their fortune and their money and had to put her in a Governor's School for young ladies this will teach her to come out a maid or somebody who would work for the rich. All of her training could not prepare her for adult life it was extremely hard and unfortunately back than the easiest way to make a living was to use her body. What she wasn't expecting though was to be welcomed into the home of a wealthy woman who was also a practitioner of dark arts as was the woman's husband who even darker an artist and practitioner. He caught his wife and the French Creole lady going to town so to speak as punishment he trapped in the mirror.