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Name:  Keesha 
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species:  Butterfly Fairy 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: asexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  no 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:   purple and yellow 
Arts: Neutral arts 
Age: 2189 
Food: vegan 
°  Pollinates Gardens 
°  Grounding 
° Comfort and Support 
°  Heightens Intuition 
° Helps with Creativity and Inspiration 
° Transformation Magics
°  Awakens and helps reach Higher conciousness 
Offerings: honeysuckle or nectar anything 
Personality: sweet playful kind patient wise intelligent calm and down to earth delicate and beautiful 
Random information: she has an Austrian Accent. 
Hobbies: reading, using magic, discovering new places, chemistry and experimenting anything gem or fauna based. 
Communication: dreams telepathy and clairvoyance untim developed she will use Oracle, Tarot, runes, and pendulums. 
Song Resonance: Roxanne by Arizona Zervas


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