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Name:  Micahle 
Entity or spirit: living entity 
Species: Swan Angel 
Gender: Male 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper: he is unsure currently but will know after he bonds for a time 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors: blue and gold 
Arts:  neutral arts 
Age: 15671 
Food: vegan 
° Prosperity 
° bringer of transformation 
° Crystalmancy 
° Help with self acceptance 
° Healing and removale of trauma 
Offerings: sunflower seeds, red sweet wine(not offten), holy water and reiki candles and chakra oils or gemstones 
Personality: sweet quiet Serene peaceful educated comforting gentle sweet nurtured calm relaxed wise faithful intelligent not very talkative but always able to be there for you loyal and honest
Random information: his energy is extremely calm and relaxing he is interested in Botanical magic Apothecary scale work hedge Magic elecctic  witchcraft, and learning more about oils herbs and gemstones as well as chakra massage hismat and Kai
Hobbies: Sky watching looking over other beings, volunteer work and small acts of kindness just sitting still and doing nothing but think and reflect come on flying through the night sky especially on a starry night
Communication: telepathy 
Song Resonance: Heathens by twenty one pilots

King Swan Angel