Name:  Kisma 
Entity or spirit: Spirit D
Species:  Void Phosophric Frost Demon 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation:  bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  if desired by both 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:  gold 
Arts: black arts 
Age: 10985 
Food: carnivore who hunts for her food 
° Amplifies Abilites:
° Void magic 
° Temperature manipulation and content 
° Arcane magic 
° Amplifies Communication 
Offerings: blood, chunks of meat, gingerbread and cinnamon

Personality: very logical and analytical she can't seem very cold and distant but she is an extremely powerful individual utilizes her gifts and able to help you and change things to be better outcomes. Once you actually fully get to know her she's very genuine and warm-hearted but she is distant due to how she's been hurt by others. She's a very loving individual I knows the signs of people that you don't want in your life that are just downright toxic and can advise you although she will leave it up to you to listen she can amplify in the signs if you are not in tune enough to be able to further assist you she's very protective of her loved ones and other companions an extremely nurturing and sensual as well as alluring.
Looks: while the hair and Horn color and the background of the picture represent her completely which is why she chose it she stands up at about 6 foot event weighs about 120 lbs soaking wet has a size 44c Chest and an hourglass figure. Her skin is a pure iridescent looking or shimmering white color with yellow eyes that make her whole overall appearance with emphasis and make her appear more alluring which helps her as a hunter and predator in her natural environment she prefers to stick to the cooler areas of a house as well as a perverse the Shadows as her looks do tend to make her more self-conscious. She tends to walk around in the nude as this is natural for them and they don't think anything of it.
Random information: she has a sticker Russian sounding accent but it is not from this plane of existence so does not to be compared to the Russian language or any human dialect she can speak to where you're able to understand her as well. But when angry she usually lets her actual language slip and if you Bond enough she might be willing to teach you their language.
Hobbies: she enjoys running through the woods hunting writing poetry scaring people and being a creeper as well as baking. She also has a knack for storytelling.
Communication: dreams, thought projection, occasional telepathy.



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