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Name:  Koyo 

Type: Spirit Binding 

Species: King Cobra Shifter 

Gender: male 

Sexual orientation: straight 

Sexual towards keeper:  yes but  not necessarily 

Can being get pregnant: no 

Aura colors:  grayish silver 

Arts: neutral 

Age:  3442 

Food:  high protein 

• Hypnosis 
• Protection
• Gentle astral pulling
• Energy Medicine 

Offerings: lavender incense 

Personality: Sweet generous chivalrous helpful loving content highly fierce and protective a loyal individual who goes out of way to take care of his keeper and other companions

Random information: dominate gentle but yielding and is easily concerned with safety.

Hobbies: learning new things, discovering new places drawing, gardening, experimenting, writing music and going to see movies. 

Communication: telepathy or shufflemancy 

Song Resonance: Marry you by  Bruno Mars