These beautiful and unique mermaids have a lantern dangling from their head. They are similar to the lantern fish and they are from the dark deep depths of bodies of water and oceans. They can be fresh water if it is a unnaturally deep lake or body as well as they can be saltwater. They see and feel and feed with the help of echolocation and thermal sensors and their tail and bodies they have to hunt to feed and prefer offerings of green gemstones and candles or blue gemstones and candles this reminds them of their bodies and makes them feel comfortable accepting the offering. They are a little harder to work with than most mermaids due to the fact that they are solitary and non social beings unlike their relatives. Once you earn their trust however and they accept offerings from you you will begin to have a very beneficial and beautiful relationship with these magical and unique mermaids. These beautiful beings are also referred to as deep sea mermaids or sometimes as abysmal mermaids.

Latern Mermaids

  • This is a neutral or grey art custom conjure. Grey magic, also called neutral magic, is magic that is not performed for specifically beneficial reasons, but is also not focused towards completely hostile practices. It is seen as falling in a continuum between white and black magic.

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