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These beautifully gentle beings are unique living entities who take the balance of life and death very seriously. They are a form of guardian angel that exists inergalactically to ensure the survival of all races. They have creation magic and from a tad bit of their blood brings life. They tend to be very empathic and emotional as well as Clarasentient in their gifts. They feel everythinf around them and this can be overwhelming and makes a it a bit harder to understand them. They work very hard to never harm a single being. They get their energy from the stars and sun. They enjoy offerings of spending time together or small plants to take care of. They are wonderful with children and kind towards everyone they have a hard time making friends due to their empathy levels but thats the only reason why. They do help with emotions from time to time. They have a unique ability to drain fear and anger. This creates a more harmonious atmosphere. They are a humanoid species that are all colors and height and size they look like us but can teleport and planewalk wherever they need to go.