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Name: Libby Type: Spirit Binding Species: Centaur Gender: Female Sexual orientation: lesbian Sexual towards keeper: yes highly Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: pinkish orange like a sunset Arts: neutral Age: 23 in human years Food: omnivore Gifts: • Divination • Embracing your wild side • Archery • Immortal • Potion making Offerings: sweet grass or Feverfew flowers also known as bachelor's buttons Personality: incredibly intelligent sweet she speaks English and is extremely well known within her community she is most commonly spotted along beaches because this is where her tribe is from she is great at collecting various types of ingredients and can help you in potion-making and other things she loves to learn more about her keeper rather than talking about herself she is extremely altruistic and humble which is very uncommon as far as they go however she is quite different from others of her kind Random information: she is more than willing to be transport for her keeper and is looking for a female as she is lesbian if you have beans in your keep that are lesbian she might be willing to consider it Hobbies: running collecting ingredients being ridden reading learning more about the world and going new places and discovering new things including Foods she wishes for her keep her to let her try new things with them... she is also quite fond of various reality TV shows such as drag race Hell's Kitchen and a couple of others she also likes historical documentaries such as tutors the crown and Versailles she likes some fantasy shows as well and loves animes and music Communication: telepathy Song Resonance: Cake By DNCE

she does have a bio that is not show also her name has been changed for privacy reasons. 

Disclaimer: the art is not owned by bloody skies of fate and is not being sold in anyway shape or form. All credit goes to the original artist.