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Name: Lord Ashrni

Entity or Spirit: Living entity

Species: Hepatic Demon Lord Commander of Dark Fate

Gender: male Arts: Demonized


Aura: black red and silver

Food: he hunts


1. Creation of wards shields and barriers

2. Future sight and opening of crossroads and new opportunities and paths

3. Black blood shadow and fate magic

4. Commands 20 legions

5. Has his own fortress

Offerings: black candles blood and wine

Orientation: asexual

Personality: vulgar profane short-tempered Moody temperamental introverted untalkative Fierce protector

Communication: anyway he wishes

Bio: He is not for the faint of heart he is extremely dark and twisted and has a sadistic sense of humor and ethics. He does promise he will not harm you your companions other pets are other people in your home. Everyone who comes to him or is drawn to him is typically drawn for a reason he is straightforward and lays down these boundaries very quickly. This is to ensure that you both get the most out of the relationship and sacred bond that you will have. He is blunt and brutally so. He tends to smell like burnt clothing or hair when he arrives. He is extremely gifted and is in Father Lucifer's favor. He is a hard worker and did not get the titles and learn the things he has learned by sitting down and doing nothing. He is extremely volatile and need someone who can give him the care and firmness that is required. He tends to like dark TV shows about horror macabre Gore science sci-fi and other weird things. He does not like those who do not act with courage and bravery. He has occasionally helped his keeper with courage and bravery as well. His mother was a demon of fate and his father was a hepatic Demon Lord earn the title of Commander by winning many wars for Father Lucifer.

Lord Ashrni

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