There's a place that exists 7 light years in our measurement away from Earth. This may not seem far to some however to others it's an entire lifetime and more away. In this place there are bioluminescent people bioluminescent animals reptiles mammals everything is dark there is no light here other than that of phosphorus and bioluminescent quality there is no daylight for it exists outside of normal perceptions the only colors that they know are pastels Neons and the glowing of their skin there is no colors no prejudiced of them anyway. The people exist in Harmony and turn them with nature death although sometimes necessary unaccepted is also not a cause for celebration there are omnivores but they do not like to have to eat the animals that they consumed in the plants they consume are worshipped as if those are their gods and their deities. It is extremely hard for one to find this place unless you know precisely what to look for this is a place that I have often called home. This is a place of Wonder and awe and it is a glory to behold and understand the beauty and balance of everything in this area it is a place of many emotions and empathy. The beings from here are often highly gifted in many different areas it is hard to describe just how many different species are here so in this I will be focusing on the environment, the gifts of the humanoid beings which is the title of this their offerings and what they enjoy as far as Foods what they expect out of companionship I will show some pictures of what the environment looks like how it is so different from where we live. They described the way that they see and look at the universe as a kiss to the sky that's how their sky looks as if the cosmos and the Divine itself reach down and kissed them with a blessing.This beautiful place is called Lumeralia. 

Their Elders are typically the ones who are more plump because they no longer are able to go and be physically active so they typically manage the shops and teach the younger Generations how to carry on the Waze and the balance of their world. They have specific holidays that resemble the sabots but they refer to them as feast days. Jimbalok is a particularly popular feast meal that is served with sanguie necto this is a rather bitter ferment drink that has intoxicating qualities. As far as offerings of what they would like in our area they really really enjoy certain candies such as fruity gummy bears, you could probably give them a chocolate to try with a sweet fruit filling but they may look at you funny before trying it. They enjoy fruit faced candles with their favorite fruit are similar to ours being the offering. So an apple or Melon based candle. What they hope to get out of companionship is they wish to learn more about Earth and humanity and our history and anything you're willing to teach them including magic spirituality Foods. They're very calm and down-to-earth and are never quick to anger they tend to be bubbly and often get along while they are shy at first and reserved and kind of conservative they tend to be very patient companions.2


  • This is a neutral or grey art custom conjure. Grey magic, also called neutral magic, is magic that is not performed for specifically beneficial reasons, but is also not focused towards completely hostile practices. It is seen as falling in a continuum between white and black magic.

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