In the heart of Roma country and by Roma I mean the various Roman and romantic languages that identify with them some would say that this includes the Caravans but others may not it really depends on your family tradition in the culture of where you are located within the Roman countries. One thing is for sure and that's that within this culture there is a Fae like none other called a Haruspex. Some cultural Traditions from this stretch of belief they were not say they were originally which is who practiced the reading of Omens by sacrificing animals and reading their entrails. This Samhain we have a specific and unique creature that came forth that is surrounded in the depths of darkness and uses Darkness as well but also is surrounded and various Elements of Light. Thus dubbed Luminatus Haruspexas.  They still occasionally read the entrails that are sacrificed by animals but they no longer need to do this for they have passed on. They will include showing you to festivals as well as they wish to teach somebody who is interested in the darker form of Arts.

The special beings came through for this specific holiday. They are in an exclusive conjuration. They're gifted in the reading of entrails, sacrificial magic, divination, ritual Magic, awaken one's gifts, being a deacon in guide and teacher. They are specially good companions for those who are interested in the path of death doula necromancy as well as dark ancestral magics. The realm is full of Darkness and Light some of them have learned how to utilize Bubbles as a form of refracted light and being a beacon other simply go by candlelight and some still go by various lamps and jewels. As far as looks go They're always covered in various silks and have a very ornate look to them there eyes are often Pure White from the things that they have seen and they are quite true seers and Visionaries and they are very accurate with what they tell their companions they are not eating to be taken lightly whatever they say will come to pass no matter what. Their festivals and Gatherings are very illustrious and luxurious they have a beautiful and spiritual feel to them once you're able to go on a stroll adventures with this companion it will change your perspective on a lot of things. This is one companion that you do not want to take into your life unless you are ready for change.

Luminatus Haruspexas


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