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Name:  Lupinus 
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species: Venetian Incubus 
Gender:  Male 
Sexual orientation:  straight 
Sexual towards keeper:  yes 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:   timber colored 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 3467 
Food: omnivore and sexual thoughts 
° Help with Self esteem
° Opening new Pathways to inspiration
° Awakening or helping creativity 
° Financial assistance 
Sexual likes:
♡ he's a Smooth Operator he likes to spoon his lady and give it to her anyway that she wants him to.
Offerings: he loves offerings of red wine, and a small chunk of steak. He will also accept chocolate that has a drop of your blood to him this is like the most arousing delicacy that you could ever have give him. He will also take offerings of fudge brownies smelling incense or candles. Sweet oil... 
Personality: sweet loyal  promiscuous faithful protective romantic and passionate he helps show you just how beautiful you truly are even if you don't see it. He's a very caring individual who goes out of his way to assistant partner in whatever capacity they need.
Random information: he has a Milianese  accent. 
Hobbies: singing, making little tunes and jokes. He loves to go on picnics as long as it's good weather and riding his bike(motorcycle) you're the cobbled streets of Milan, he will show you a wonderful Adventure if you'll let him while romanticizing you and giving you the best worlds that you deserve he really knows how to treat his lady like a queen.
Communication: dreams and telepathy
Song Resonance:  Right Back by Khalid  feat A Boogie wit da Hoodie