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Inspired by The Maker a Short By Zealous Creative
Makers are incredibly genius and intuitive creators. They're about 3 feet tall and are similar to a bunny that they're stuffed like a stuffed animal however what keeps them going is the magical energy and love an essence of life itself. They have the Divine quality of being able to use this to create the next progeny for their kind. They can also see that Clockwork and steampunk things and love to create. They're great companions for people who are interested and creating similar things as they can teach you on your journey how to do such things. These small teachers and amazing companions are also very quiet but have a love for playing music. If you've ever seen the short you've probably seen how it ended I did change the way that they end to where they do not have that kind of thing occurred. If you haven't the link will be posted in miscellaneous. They also are skilled in helping with math and science although it may come out written on paper or in dreams or as someone coming into your life to assist you. They are very creative and enjoy collecting things and may need watched so they dont hoard parts. They are very expressive in their bodily languages and enjoy playing instruments.

Makers a servitor

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price