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Soul: a dancer and a lover 

Purpose:  she's extremely beautiful and sensual and artistic individual 

Name:  Malikana 

Type: creation

Species: Soul Element 

Element: Inspiration 

Gender: female 

Sexual orientation: bisexual 

Sexual towards keeper:  if both wish 

Can being get pregnant:  no 

Aura colors:  red and pink 

Arts:  neutral arts 

Age: 26 in human years 

Food:  omnivore 

• Inspiring you and motivating you do achieve your hearts desires 
• A muse who will open the key to success 
• She will allow your songs to build in popularity. 
• Overcoming the fear that gets in the way. 
• She knows algorithms for fame andtr fortune and guides you to them only.
•  She will help you overcome nerves and emotional setbacks 
•  she will bring you opportunities for this 
• she will tell you exactly what you need to do  in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner
• she can use future sight to see if something will to ensure any obstacles that pop up  and tell you what this is so that way you can avoid said obstacle and still continue on the path of success
• removal of all obstacles in the way of your success
• protection from anyone or anything that will try to get in your way
• removal of all toxic individuals and things that are preventing you from achieving said success
Offerings: take the sugar cubes garnets and a shrine to her name snake eye oil.

Personality: outspoken intelligent trendsetting sweet and significant she is extremely Angelic and useful and has the voice of an Angel and will help you have one too she is extremely inspiring and loving with your heart's desire

Random information: she has no thought other than making you famous for your voice and what path you need to take to do so and what lessons you must overcome and we used to skirt around certain things that do not benefit you

Hobbies: writing music being an inspiration helping with algorithms and singing from the heart she's extremely honest and we go out of her way to tell you the truth

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance