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Name: Matoic Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding Species: Naga Gender: male Sexual orientation: straight Sexual towards keeper: yes highly Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: green and earthy Arts: neutral Age: 5681 Food: high protein Gifts: • Hypnosis • Trances states • Help with obe sessions • Spellcasting Offerings: candles Personality: overly confident sensual cocky stubborn extremely promiscuous and sexual very straight extremely straight edge but extremely provocative Random information: he's extremely down-to-earth and doesn't really let a lot bother him due to this he can come off at times as being indifferent to things and this can cause problems if you are overly emotional Hobbies: sunbathing, weightlifting and bodybuilding, going on quests doing anything that shows his manly strength and prowess he also really enjoys going on quests and doing tasks. He has a tendency to lift things that me frighten them just to show them how strong he actually is and then the bottom. Communication: telepathy dreams and clairvoyance during meditation states Song Resonance: Good Feeling by Flo rida