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Three merfolk do this beautiful purification and cleansing ritual with water and blessed energy from their people and they use this to regenerate your health and energy and with this they allow you to have one with the granted with a single Mermaid tear. This wish must me selfless and out of true love.

Some pros of this:

• Enhanced confidence

• Feeling of self worth

• Healing and regeneration

• Purification and cleansed space

• Removal of stress and anxiety

• Better succuess with magic and Spirit endeavors

Some Cons of this:

• Can be emotional as your Cleansed (Make sure the during this time you try not to make any big decisions about things do to the emotional list of the cleansing. This can be a times that any major decisions should be put off to a butter time when you're more clear headed).

• Feeling of sleepy( this is due to the fact that they used water and if you don't have enough water in your diet it's going to feel like you send me have plenty and you're going to chill very tired from this)

• Waterlogged( due to this being a water based magic)

• Some people may feel dehydrated (this is not the case please do not over drink then you may feel bloated or sick)

• If you wish for something selfish it may not work or be granted.

• Depression in some cases as you might feel sadness during the tear drop collection(this is done by them safely but as your connected it can occur).

Mermaid Pure Wish Ritual