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These beings are usually created with mirror magic or somebody using their magic to hex them and it traps the soul once freed the souls then becomes a shade once it passes on. usually when you see them in your mirror they are calling out for help and wanting to be set free. Upon using my own blood and Solomon Seal root with mugwort it broke the seal on the mirror in my home and released the shade that is inside. she introduced me to her species and offered a contract once you have resided in a mirror so long you become a mirror shade. This is a different type of species once in the mirror the mirrors magic it changes and transforms the soul into something else entirely. They are capable of using this transformation energy to help merge higher self as well as using mirror magic to protect your home and sacred spaces. They can also use blood and Shadow Magic to hide and cloak themselves to where if you are easier to scare you do not have to see them all the time. They tend to hang out around the corners of things and peek. if they're still stuck in a mirror they tend to stay in the mirror and occasionally will appear when they have enough energy to do so. They do have male and female of the species they are not capable of reproduction due to the fact that their souls are completely dead and are transformations of their former selves.

Mirror Shade