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Name:  Mislea 
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species: Empress Angel 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: Bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper: yes highly 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:   pink and gold 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 8940 
Food: omnivore 
° Abundance magic 
° Spellcasting 
° Prosperity 
° Bringer of wealth 
Sexual likes:
She is soft and yielding and likes to be gently ravished from the tips of your toes to the top of her head she is very reactive and quite loud. 
Offerings: lavender incense amethyst blue sapphire and prosperity oils in candles
Personality: romantic soft and gentle pleasing to the eye kind and loving helpful hypersensitive hyperactive
Random information: she has a very thick Western European accent.
Hobbies: studying magic, learning new things, helping others, discovering new places and trying new things playing the organ and harping and panflute as well as playing video game.
Communication: dreams and clairvoyance
Song Resonance: Iris By the Goo Goo Dolls