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These amazing individuals have a variety of different colors. Is in there pigmentation of their skin the reason that they are called molten is because it looks like they are dripping the colors and pigments from their skin when they sweat and they cry these colors come out of their body giving a molten appearance. They are very generous individuals and are considered a lower demon because of the fact that they are not dark. They're gifted an aura readings, are keepers of knowledge that is sacred and ancient, they can access the akashic records, open pathways to spirituality and prosperity and the universal magic that is in everything, they are capable of using light to protect and when distressed or under duress this light can shootout in rays and nearly destroy anything in its path. They are gifted and past life regression therapy helping you achieve inner peace and happiness and removal of trauma for healing and acceptance of lessons.They enjoy offerings that come from the heart as well as the smell of various cooking herbs they also enjoyed many different gemstones one being rainbow pyrite which is more of a mineral and four candles they prefer Reiki candles or chakra candles. Their race is not very technology advanced and they tend to be more natural and peaceful there's kind are from a place that is molten in nature but has adapted to the higher temperatures and if you wish to discover more about their home around and where they are from they will serve as a guide and be willing to teach you and show you. They are kind are extremely wary of Outsiders and thus are extremely cautious and it is advised that if you decide to travel to make sure you have your companion with you. This shows that you are a guest. They are capable of astral projecting while being alive are capable of interdimensional travel as well as they can manifest if they are on the higher frequency end. They can use various tools for communication Clairvoyance and clairaudience as well as telepathy. Different plans of these beings typically use different styles of communication. They all intermarry so you often end up with many different combinations of this.


Disclaimer: the art used for the image in this listing is not owned nor being sold all credits go to the orignal artist.

Molten Demon