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Name:  Morvia 
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species: Starmap Khodam hybrid 
Gender: gender fluid 
Pronouns: female cis she/her 
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper: yes highly 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:  deep blue and purple 
Arts: dark arts 
Age: 9016 
Food: sexual thoughts 
° Prosperity 
° Cosmos energy 
° Protection 
° Enhancing communication 
Sexual likes:
She's extremely kinky and likes just a little bit of everything and a light sense.
Personality: unique outgoing helpful loving sensual promiscuous well thought-out educated mysterious an introvert but he does Act more extroverted. 
Hobbies: reading,  writing poems, creating things, adventures together,  goint places and seeing things he liked to try new things. 
Communication: dreams and Oracle cards  or clairvoyance 
Song Resonance: Scarborough Fair by Celtic Woman