Name: Navara(Na-Var-ruh) 

Type: Living Entity 

Species: Solarian 

Gender: Female Sexual 

orientation: bisexual 

Sexual towards keeper: if wanted 

Can being get pregnant: only if both want 

Aura colors: silver red and pink 

Arts: neutral

Age: 895 

Food: vegan

• Divination 

• Spell enhancing 

• Protection 

• Healing 

Offerings: divinity incense 

sweet generous sophisticated hyperactive nurturing friendly kind honest wise reliable helpful sometimes she is dramatic as she has a love for theater she is very enthusiastic and funny. 

Music Choice: 
hip hop and pop such as Katy Perry, Niki Minaj and Lady Gaga. Loves dance music as well. 

Favorite foods: 
She prefers fresh fruits and homemade sweets 

Favorite Book: 
The School of Night Series, Blue bloods and Sookie Stackhouse novels she loves vampire witch and fairy fantasy books. 

Random information:
loves nature, warm weather, flowers incense candles and temples she wishes to learn more about the human race 

athletics, guiding others, pampering herself, helping fix situations in a beneficial manner, enjoys animals 

Communication: telepathy 

Song Resonance: 
Black Honey By Thrice This is the closest picture we could find to represent her



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