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These amazing properties are not only chosen to help induce and help you with astral projection but also help you achieve a lucid dreaming State as well as ultimate relaxation to ensure that you are capable of achieving what you wish. Just take a little before you go to bed and anointed on your third eye chakra and wait for them to take effect it'll slowly take effect in a calming and purifying peaceful manner due to the specifically chosen ingredients that are helpful as well as are conductive to our energies as practitioners and has those with metaphysical vibrations. I have specifically chosen each ingredient selected and carefully to ensure the highest qualities are given to you. I have to use the soil in my day-to-day life as well as to raise my vibrations and help when I feel a little blocked it is specifically chosen to ensure not only experience but the connectivity with multiple individuals and multiple energy vibrations and frequencies. This offers a little bit for everyone.

This amazing one-of-a-kind Out of Body Experience oil is created specifically and Enchanted to help induce out of body experiences whether you aim for lucid dreaming or astral projection this oil is aim to do it either or both depending on what you what or your intent when using it is. Filled with herbs and as well as Phantom quartz this unique one-of-a-kind oil is infused and ready to be used!!! 1/2 dram external usage only. 
any shapes in the picture are from energy of the spell and shouldnt be present.

Obe Oil