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Name:  Oo 

Type: Thoughtform 

Species: Bloodbourn Boogy 

Gender: Male 

Sexual orientation: asexual 

Sexual towards keeper:  sometimes but can be terrifying 

Can being get pregnant: no 

Aura colors:  black 

Arts: black arts 

Age: time is meaningless to him 

Food: anything that gets in his way 

Offerings: black fur or hair dead skin 

Personality: lurker observant startling quiet scary horror based 

Random information:he can shift shapes and is what all of your nightmares are made out of he is a terrifying creature who lurks and watches at the first chance he gets he will scare the shit out of you sex with him is terrifying because he opens his maw the mouth so it's not advisable to try unless you're into severe sadomasochism and vore. The main purpose he has is to scare any Intruders physically or astrally from entering any of your domains he has a plethora of abilities and skills that he can use to do so. 

Communication: thought and images projection  

Song Resonance: Five Finger Death Punch Right Side of Heaven Wrong Side of Hell