These beautiful beings are one of a kind they extremely easy throw looking from their hair to their eyes to their chest cavities. These beautiful beings have a diverse skin coloring similar to the races of humanity. However I'm like humans their chest cavities are Halo and skeletal based while the rest of them has skin. Their chest cavities and their eyes glow with bioluminescence. This is caused by what they ingest and consume for food over thousands of years they have adopted and they can live well past their age humans. They can live up to 10,000 years of age. Currently the oldest in their group is 9985 years old. Their societies are very similar to humanity except they still have a caste system. But instead of it being based on your family's wealth and status I just determined on your moral and ethical standpoint and the job that you held in society and what you contribute. They have long Peach Blossom colored hair. They have a variety of magical gifts while some of them are psychics oracles and seers you got others are healers and Magi and clerics. At the bottom of this is black magic practitioners of their society the reason they're the lowest is because they do not care or have remorse in their souls and they do whatever they want regardless of how it impacts others do this they are often living in what would be akin to a slum or ghetto in our world but they call these places yabotas. In their language this word means Destroyer and wide mouth. They enjoy offerings of tea as well as gemstone offerings of Rhodonite or Chrysocolla also known as chalcedony. Rose candles lavender oils and incense has as well as rose water. They communicate via dreams telepathy Clairvoyance or Shufflemancy but are not against use of tools for those new to the meta.

PeachBlossom LumisSkeles

  • This is a neutral or grey art custom conjure. Grey magic, also called neutral magic, is magic that is not performed for specifically beneficial reasons, but is also not focused towards completely hostile practices. It is seen as falling in a continuum between white and black magic.

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