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Welcome to Asaiaya. This place is full of colors and picturesque towns and cities they have lovely beings bright and blacklight both. This is home of a couple of species we offer. A place where chakra and energy is eternal and never ending you will fall in love with this place and want to make it your home. Dragons of this place fly high in the sky and randomly but peacefully walk through towns. They are forever revered here as the goddesses and gods of this world. Their Gardens are just as breathtaking is there villages and they have a variety of different recreational treatments that you can get to try as well as a variety of things that they do here you would be welcomed into the community and it's a safe place. As each city has its own militia and Military that protect from harsher Predators each said he also has dragons that protect them which is why they are so very important to these societies.

Portal and Keep in Asaiaya