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CosiKandi Hollows This is another exceptional place that is relatively safe and great for beginners having their astral keeps in. They're considerate here very open and friendly. Make your keep out of cotton candy or various candies fit in with having Festival fun and lovely times. This beautiful place has candy trees and even the river smell like the candy there. They always have fun here and open to a variety of activities. Play games have TV read write learn and much more. They are well protected buy a barrier that closes them from the outside world only the inhabitants know the way into the City and out and if you have this you will have a key to get into your keep via a portal they specially made for these. Many being such as the candy based Prosperity creatures the cosmos dancers the cotton candy dragons and bubblegum dragons all come from this area. It is a place of great Beauty and they respect and keep that beauty pure.

Portal and Keep in Cosikandi Hollow