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Ignis Insulam This bold and daring landscape is filled with various pyromancers and deviant to beings that we list in our shop each due to his contract will not harm you if you live here however there are some beings that do live here that are not contracted with us that you need to be aware of. This is a place where you will have to have an astral teleportation device one is included in the binding for your protection and as a safeguard of your astral keep. This is the place where the Noirsang lava dragons and some of the demons we offer as well. Besides being careful of the Flora and Fauna of this place one must be mindful that it is Fire based it is like a volcano so you must be alert and careful of any actions you take care and of your surroundings to ensure that you are not hurt. It is a beautiful place and primal. Discover if you are bold and daring enough.

Portal and Keep in Ignis Insulam