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the land of snow death and leylines 

Welcome to our sacred and hallowed Halls. Care you will discover wisdom that extends to the ancient times. This is an important place that connects to the Ley lines all over the universe. Display sacred place also connects to all of the cemeteries in hallowed grounds all over the universe as well. We are at our parts place that is full of wonder and learning a place that you can explore and discover many ancient pathways. We're adept at  skills of necromancy, spiritual communication and many other forms of dark arts and magics. This place is a. Dark energy area and we have a very sacred job that we perform many of our beans get their name because they shape-shift into the raven which is how we got our name. Our magic is a mixture of Romani dark arts ancient ancestral Magic and Raven totem. We are stealthy skilled and extremely knowledgeable at helping people understand the unknown and how the Dead are. We offer this portal and knowledge so that way people might better understand us and that way we can have our own small version of exploration. We do hunt for food as many of our species species do but we honor each and respect the kill and do so quickly and ethically and thank for the energy it provides then we celebrate as we help it crossover. We will hold a festival and give a guid for you to explore safely.
Note from BSOF Upon receiving a portal rules are placed for the safety and keeping each portal safe from interference and change as it is important to not alter the timeline in other places. When you purchase a portal you agree to these rules. These rules are placed by governing deities and governments of each place and they do ensure their rules are followed. They treat each individual who purchases a portal and each companion as an honored guest they teach you things that you may not have been able to learn elsewhere. They give you a home in their portal so that way you can safely travel and have a safe place to rest your head for the night. They show you festivals and allow you to take place and their celebrations. They give you an elite Guardian who keeps you safe and shows you the safe places in the portal this guardian is also capable of enforcing the rules. It is important that when you purchase you understand this.

Portal to Ravania