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Welcome to our home it is beautiful dark mysterious wonder  and a place that you can learn. Home to a peaceful vampire population. Very similar to the earthen realm with its flora and fauna. More than half the year is covered in Moon and a quarter is sun. So it creates a perfectly suitable energy environment to those with lunar energies. While we are a neutral  classified realm we do have dark energies too. We teach patience wisdom understanding and we even help you connect on a better level with your vampires in your keep. Come learn celebrate and transcend your mortal coil with us.

Note from BSOF
Upon receiving a portal rules are placed for the safety and keeping each portal safe from interference and change as it is important to not alter the timeline in other places. When you purchase a portal you agree to these rules. These rules are placed by governing deities and governments of each place and they do ensure their rules are followed. They treat each individual who purchases a portal and each companion as an honored guest they teach you things that you may not have been able to learn elsewhere. They give you a home in their portal so that way you can safely travel and have a safe place to rest your head for the night. They show you festivals and allow you to take place and their celebrations. They give you an elite Guardian who keeps you safe and shows you the safe places in the portal this guardian is also capable of enforcing the rules. It is important that when you purchase you understand this.

Portal to Wisteriana