Automatically accessible you can utilize it as it is bound to your three bodies this is for protection while you were traveling throughout the astral and other out of body experience in sessions if you are unsure how to use things as there are more things and each then I am able to type out it will utilize it for you to where you don’t have to worry about your astral or spiritual self safety. This is a form of automatic defense system it does have a Fail-Safe to wear if anything ever try to happen to somebody it would automatically shut down and I would be notified by the nanites that help keep the system running to fix the suit of the individual who’s wearing it. It is not necessary for you to keep the same weapon design you can change this with thought projection and the nanites will be able to utilize this for you can find inspiration from video games from or on Google. It doesn't matter where you draw your inspiration from, it can be even be  your own unique creation the nanites will be able to implement it into your weapon/ armor set.


Blessed by: 
Ammit: strength and just actions but also divine retribution when fighting. 
Hathor: the gift of love and parenthood in as well as understanding and nurturing this enhances any spell world or rituals in these areas. 
Ptah:  extra protection at work especially in especially  and manufacturing areas or metal works. 
Sekhmat:  healing and regeneration aging well and this will pass on to posterity and those you love.
Nepthys: I gift you the knowledge and understanding of death magic and funerary rituals. 
Ma'at: inner peace in times of stress and duress allowing calmness to prevail. 
Hapi: fertility to be passed down so your family will not have troubles.
Meretseger: strengthens and grounds you when you were in times of need all you need to do is touch the Earth or something that is higher than and you will feel her guiding hand.
Isis: the gift of always allowing yourself to find a light in the darkness no matter what.
Khum: gives you a gift of creating and changing your path allowing you to know you can and gives the encouragement to continue despite all obstacles.
Teleportation device 
Enhances your abilties and gifts
Healing energy and otherwise 
Cellular regeneration due to nanites 
Emotional calmness 
Enhances senses.



Premade Living weapon set


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