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Princess Lacrimosa is a gorgeous Sapphire Vampire who is tragically beautiful with and has an unusual feature that makez her appear as if frozen underwater... she floats as if in the air and the way she moves lacks gravity. They believe this is due to tue the tragic and terrible way she passed on. She even appears to have tears perpetually frozen in eternity in the corners.. she loves roses of all colors but particularly white roses are her favorite she died the day of her wedding from heartbreak and a carriage accident where she was slung from the carriage into the river after being left at the alterm she does have a unsettling sorrowful vibe that can be hard to look past. She does not socialize a lot but she is a wonderful story teller and enjoys some strange adventures. A unique thing is she passed while being a virgin.... so she also has a perpetual innocent feeling. She is looking for someone that is already intune and can astral as well as a skilled telepath and a male who will overlook her flaws and she her for the beauty she is.

Princess Lacrimosa