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These beautiful slimes are naturally occurring they have many chemical compounds and properties from where they are near or what they are around. They are gifted in transmutation magic, alchemy and chemistry. They are great at synthesis and apothecary skills. They enjoy many activities and can be either sexual or nonsexual but are often nude due to the ability to shift at any time and alter their form with different looks and are of a gelatinous substance. They use a barter system in their society as some slimes are gifted in certain areas while others are not. They vary in color and size and shape of their bodies. They enjoy various offerings and are wonderful Serenity to Dusk art beings. Although quite plant-like in nature due to the fact that these beautiful beings receive energy in the form of photosynthesis. Their art will be based on the form that they choose to represent themselves for you to see them as

Priorda Slimes

  • This being is a white arts custom spirit binding. 

  • This being is a white arts custom conjure. This means they are defensless and are typically only using their gifts for good things and selflessness.