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this spell is like a prism or pyramid it has many sides to be exact. This has 6 stages. It opens your chakras. Allows you to see aura and energies and vibrations. It awakens your soul. Helps you hear white noise. It then purges you and cleanses any harmful past life memories using past life regression spellwork. It then reawakens you to full potiential. It can take up to 30 days before you full begin to conciously notice. The last is you will be able to astral etheral or plane walk. It maps out your hismat Kai. Using Quipoth and Kabbalah methods as well as ancient sumerian and sanskrit magic techiques. It is complex and is a full body spirit and soul awakening. This can change your life. This is not the same as the DNA activation this is a cleanse and rebirth of your spiritual self. The DNA is all forms of yourself. 

Prismatic Spell