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Have you ever wanted something so bad and you could tell that something was holding you back? Have you often thought that she possibly had a curse on you or something wasn't right that you might have done in the past with your karma? It's so chances are you're not the only one many people feel like they have done something wrong and have why me moments. This ritual is one of Hope and of purging your energy bodies every single one of them throughout the galaxies in the universe has and the dimensions. This is a very time-consuming virtual an involves a large amount of spell work and concentration. You know that feeling when you look up at the sky in the moon and you think back to when your parents used to tell you that you were capable of anything that you could do anything that your mind puts you to the world has infinite possibilities...... that hope that kind of never-ending hope that led your passions and drag you through school that helps you get past people hurting you. That hope is precious. Hope creates a significant amount of energy that when used properly is able to be used for ritual that can Purge and remove so much negativity from your energy bodies this is what this ritual is for purging of all the negativity in your energy body is allows you to be open in ways that you would probably never have thought you were capable of previously. The magic involved in this is ancient and Primal with lunar energy and water Energies it involves something that is called pulling of the Moon that is not literally pulling it's just a way to retrieve some of the essence I then retrieve some of the Essence of Hope from your childhood memories that everyone still has I use this and I create this beautiful long lasting ritual to help you get to where you want to be with your spiritual journey.

Purge of Hope