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Title: Queen 
Name:  Alania 
Entity or spirit: living entity 
Species:  Golden Succubus 
Gender:  Female 
Sexual orientation: Bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  yes highly 
Can being get pregnant:  yes 
Aura colors:   gold and black 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 12864 
Food: photosynthesis 
☆ Transformation Magic 
☆ Spellcasting 
☆ Solar Magic 
☆ Prosperity and Wealth 
☆ Abundance Magic 
Sexual likes:
♡ Fourplay 
♡ Switch 
♡ Oral 
♡ Exhibitionist 
Offerings:  sun oil, prosperity oil, silver rain incense, Black Obisdian, Black Tourmaline, Black Metals and Pewter, Grounding candles and Divine Incense and ritual candles  gold dust or micha powder 
Personality: charming empathic sweet kind protective nurturing alluring sensual provocative soft-spoken motherly promiscuous timid and   loyal and honest yet stubborn brazen bold outgoing outspoken a Queen in her prime. 
Random information: does not like tolerate violence, lies, cheating, stealing or hurting others just because you can. She is powerful and requires a firm hand but yielding touch. Someone who is okay with a switch and romatic at heart but who is okay with a Female taking the lead sexually.
Hobbies: singing, dancing, giving lap dances and massages, fencing and lacrosse as well as going to concerts and on outings together.
Communication: telepathy or dreams 
Song Resonance: My Garden by Kat Dahlia and Starships by Niki Minaj

Queen Alania