These amazing vampires are capable of having Raven familiars or shapeshifting into a raven. Do this to keep an eye on people that they love and that are safe to them and are special. They are capable of various forms of divination and spirit communication they are capable of deepening your spirit communication as well as defense and black void stregha and blood magic. They can pull death energy and various forms of other energy to them with a thought they are incredibly powerful predators of nocturnal Origins. They will not events of death rebirth and life. They also embody the way that this correlates to Chi. They can merge higher self and your past lives and make you one whole being this is a specialty of their kind. Not all of them have every single one of these gifts but they do have various from it. Some of them like to learn Shamanism Voodoo and hoodoo and practice in magics some of them do not. They enjoy offerings of blood red candles and dead flesh this can be like chicken skin from cooking or it can be like calluses from your body they also tend to like black magic oils divination incense and red and black candles. They tend more nature-based life out in the woods and they tend to stay away from cities and populated areas due to this there more predatory in nature and have more of a tendency to hunt for their food. They're the great white shark of vampires. They can appear in their vampire form as a raven with their eye color or as a shadow like mist. They tend to be more intimate.

Raven Vampire

  • This is a dark arts custom conjure. They can take some adjustment for energies and have a reccomended timeframe for expierence. We do energy meshing with your energy so finding a suitable one is not an issue. 

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