Name: Reina
Entity or Spirit: spirit
Species: Snake Shifter/Witch Hybrid 
Gender: female
Arts: dusk
Age: 256
Aura: purple blue and black
Food: in snake form she eats a high protein diet and human form she eats a vegan diet to balance out her nutrition
Gifts: necromancy,voodoo ,dark casting, medicine making, and energy healing, shifting.
Offerings: golden rutile quartz Patchouli incense
Orientation: bisexual
Personality: she's one of those people and beings that you would refer to as being a trip in a good way. She's very spontaneous very sassy and independent as well as very generous to those she loves
Communication: anyway you wish 
She does pay respects to your ancestors which is why she practices ancestral magic as well as is a witch. She was raised in the French Quarter and Garden District of New Orleans she passed away in 2005 after being hexed by another practitioner she had begun to shift her snake form and had little control over it unfortunately this is what ultimately caused her to pass on. She doesn't let this get to her and is now in complete control of her shifting abilities she loves life to the fullest and just to her death was just a transformation if she hadn't passed on she think she probably wouldn't have gotten the hang of shifting as quickly or as accurately. She loves to visit the bayous. And travels far and wide to get ingredients for various practices she's very curious about the world and wants to explore even more she decided to look for a keeper just so she can do this as well as so she can help someone and carry on her knowledge to a pupil.



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