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Please read all Information about each ritual before purchase as some are not for beginners


Ritual of Transitional Space
This is a ritual of undoing and the ritual of transition. This is the time for us to transcend and transform our spiritual selves. In more ways than one Maman Brigitte will assist you in spiritual transformation and this is the perfect time!!! She will awaken you in ways you have never felt.
During this time you can give offerings of:
° Bones 
° Candles: some will be created and available for purchase. 
° Annointings: some will being created and available for purchase. 
With this ritual you can expect to receive whatever the goddess decides that you need for your transformation. As well as being more open spiritually as this is something I will include when asking for her Aid on behalf of the purchaser. The second blessing that is included and asked for is for financial aid. However I can make no guarantees that she will answer any of these. The main purpose of this ritual is for you to undergo a spiritual transformation physically and astrally to atone and teach you lessons this can be quite traumatic as well as for some people it can be overwhelming I would advise that you have experience in black art rituals. That you do not make any rash decisions during this time and that you think with your head and not with your emotions. From this you will gain greater understanding of ancestral Magic of what death is how to honor and the sacredness of these transformations as well as understanding and spiritual knowledge can be gained.


Details of how this is done
First I start by invoking the Goddess
This is done by setting out offerings and libations. Then I asked her for Aid and blessings for the people who purchase this. At the close I give thanks and honor to her. I require a picture of you or if you gift this of them, date of birth and name.

If you wish a vessel for this it will be a taxidermy one and extra. 
Vessel: $15 plus  shipping 

Candles: $10 plus shipping and taxes 
Annointing Libation: $10 for 5drams. 
For all 3 and a box it is $50 this is free shipping. Only available for this event. You can do a payment plan for this.

You can find these later posted in this section of our website.



For those drawn information will be included free about Manma Brigitte chose me and I will honor this and do what she says. This was based on a past life and my current connection to her. 

Completed by Astra

Ritual of Transitional Space

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price