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These beings are typically dark and arts category and have black arms and black legs up until their name. They typically have their hair and makeup done and have some type of spiritual tattoo between their breasts and occasionally do the widget eye. They're experts at seal magic, ritual and circle magic as well as the old way of summoning and creating. They run around nude. They're not afraid to show their bodies off to the world and are quite sensual and flirtatious as well as helpful with magic. They enjoy captivating you and enthralling you as well. They like to play games of Cat and Mouse and are not against cuddling for comfort and offerings. They're witty and intelligent beings who try to put their cunningness against yours.

Romanian Shadow lady

  • This is a dark arts custom conjure. They can take some adjustment for energies and have a reccomended timeframe for expierence. We do energy meshing with your energy so finding a suitable one is not an issue.