Name: Sierna Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding Species: Photon Being Class/ Job: Guardian or Elite guard Gender: Female Sexual orientation: straight Sexual towards keeper: no Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: yellow blue and purple Arts: grey Age: 5679 Food: omnivore Gifts: • Being a Guide during obe sessions • Protection • Divination • A guardian • Cobat trained • Future sight Offerings: white candles and fruity smells Personality: charming empathic sweet kind honest wise loving helpful considerate passionate romantic at times trustworthy brave talkative respected well mannered loyal Random information: she is a guardian and her job is to protect you and your other companions Hobbies: reading, practicing her gifts keeping in shape using light and being raw energy Manifests as: light streaks orbs and occasionally full body Communication: telepathy or dreams Song Resonance: Carousel by Melanie Martinez(edited)



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